The Supplier – ‘Saturn LED Limited’ – Warrants their products for the warranty periods as follows.


Saturn LED products identified on our website of all hardcopy text with a 5 year warranty or 20,000 hours (whichever comes first). [L70B10 50,000 hours*].


All products listed within our ‘EasiTrade’ range come with a 3 year warranty or 10,000 hours (whichever comes first).


There may be occasion where Saturn LED extend warranty on specific projects but these ranges will always have a limit on operating hour warranty identified above.


*The words in square brackets are for identification purposes only*


With reference to a ‘Claimant’ it to either the customer or the purchaser from the customer or the purchasers’ end user customer, but any warranty claim can only be made by the company that Saturn LED invoiced for the products.


Subject to the other provisions of this warranty statement the Supplier will offer to rectify, repair, replace or at its discretion credit up to the purchase price paid by the supplier of any product that has had a legitimate manufacturing fault which become evident during the applicable warranty period; provided that the product has:


  • Been correctly installed as per the installation instructions accompanying the product.
  • Been used for the purposes intended by the supplier in a suitable electrical, thermal atmospheric environment.
  • Not been used following the identification of any potential failure by the claimant or its agents
  • There must be no commercial holds on monies owed to Saturn LED from the purchaser as a whole, any commercial disputes eradicates any product warranty.


The Supplier may at its discretion, visit the site to inspect products where the failure rate is above 3%, if a site visit is not possible the Supplier shall look at ways in which to rectify the situation remotely.  The claimant must allow and facilitate any such instruction, in order to aid the diagnosis of the fault, which can be caused by site or environmental conditions.  The supplier may in some cases need up to but not including a time period of 90 days to inspect a claim.  The Claimant must co-operate and procure the co-operation of its employees, servants and agents in order to facilitate any such inspection or ongoing investigation by Saturn LED.


Products that have been modified in any way or modified prior to shipment from the supplier, are not covered by warranty.  Modification included but are not limited to such changed as added emergency gear, change to drivers, added sensors and controls.  The warranty does not cover fair wear and tear of any consumable items, which includes Batteries on all emergency products.


The warranty commences from the date of sale by the supplier to their customer regardless of weather the Claimant is the purchaser or the end user.  In order to make a claim under this warranty the product (s) concerned must be returned to the supplier with a written description of the alleged defect, so the product(s) may be inspected, to ascertain weather it has been used and installed correctly and effect the remedy for qualifying claims.  The claim must be accompanied by clear evidence (invoice) of where and when the product was purchased by the customer, where the customer is the claimant or from the customer, when the claimant is the purchaser from the customer or that of the purchaser’s end user.  This inspection and testing process can take up to 90 days.


The warranty does not include supplier visits to site, delivery costs, costs of plant equipment and/or labour charges.  The supplier is entitled to charge the claimant a cost in line with any inspection and testing for warranty claims.  Payment from claimant is required within 5 days from date of invoice to pay such costs.


LED Lamps by their nature are subject to small fluctuations in colour and output though life.  The warranty does not cover this.  In addition, it does not cover normal deterioration through live which can include failure of a percentage of individual LED’s.


Product software is not covered by the warranty.


Batteries installed with any emergency product have a 1 year warranty as long as they have not been damaged, and installed, stored and maintained in accordance with the product instructions included along with the products.  Maximum warranty on a battery is 1 year and is applicable to every product even in the event of extended warranties on a project these only cover luminaires only, batteries are a consumable product an only hold a 1 year warranty and must be installed and maintained within the outlined parameters which accompany the product or warranty will be void.


The customers rights under the stature are nor affected by the terms of this warranty.


Except as set out in this warranty statement:


  • All warranties and conditions (including the conditions implied by ss 12-16 of the supply of products and services act 1982 and ss 13-15 of the sale of products act 1979), weather express of implied by statue, common law or otherwise are excluded to the full extent permitted but the applicable law.


All of the above noted warranties are applicable to every country worldwide.


Should you require any further clarification please ensure queries are lodged in writing via email to sales@saturnled.eu.


Dated : 01/01/14